Star Wars: Crusade of the Rebellion
Episode IV: What Lies Unseen
49:18 | 113 MB | 06.20.18 | Download
Having acquired the final piece of the puzzle, the Rebel Alliance gathers its two strike teams and initiates the dangerous mission to Cortani III to stop the blood-thirsty Imperial overlord, Grand Moff Teivel. Teivel, meanwhile, receives dark news regarding his excavations on the ancient world of Apophis. While, over the planet Corulag, a Rebel cell is caught in a deadly skirmish with the Empire during an attempt to extract a Rebel spy, who has information vital to the mission on Cortani III...
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Lion's Mouth Entertainment is a steadily growing studio that produces audio productions complete with full casts of voice actors, sound effects, music, and much more. While we have been producing material since 2005, it wasn't until the last couple years that we began "upping our game" and making an effort to produce high quality productions. While we are proud of the progress we have made in production values, we still encourage listeners to check out some of our older works. Many of these older productions are actually in the process of being rewritten and re-produced, but the original versions will still be available to listen to for the time being.
Why Audio Dramas?
The simplest answer is that it is the perfect venue for those of us who have stories that we want to take beyond written-form... but just can't afford to bring it to life as a movie. But aside from that, audioplays are a unique form of entertainment in that they are more mobile. Most people listen to audio dramas (just as with podcasts) on their commute to and from work, while they're at the gym, while they're out for a walk, on airplanes, etc. And we are happy to provide a simpler form of entertainment for people who either don't have access to watching movies or shows, or want to just sit back and close their eyes but still be engaged in a story.
What Kinds Of Stories?
For ten years, Lion's Mouth Entertainment has primarily been a place where Star Wars fan fiction is brought to life through audio dramatization. As mentioned above, we started off with a five-part miniseries, Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire (referred to as "COTE"), that premiered at StarWarsFanworks.com. It started off incredibly simple, with all the characters being performed by just two actors. With each subsequent episode it grew to include more and more voice actors, and went on to receive five (5) awards in the "Star Wars Fanworks Fan Audio Awards." When COTE was finished, we shifted to working on an original story, set in the Fantasy-genre, called The Age of the Swords Trilogy (more about that later). Simultaneously, we began producing another Star Wars series called "High Stakes." Most of our devoted listeners over the years have agreed that this latter series is when the quality of our productions began to pick up. We went on to collaborate with other producers for a couple years on two major fan productions, Star Wars: Codename: Starkeeper and Star Wars: Marvels, as well as being contracted to provide sound engineering for an original story called Stitched Crosses. Lion's Mouth Entertainment (LME) went off the radar for a few years between 2009 and 2012 before making a big comeback with the continuation of Star Wars: High Stakes. Then, in 2014, we begin production on another new Star Wars series that would be a sequel to our very first production. Star Wars: Crusade of the Rebellion premiered in September 2014 and has been going strong since. However, because we intend to take all the talent we've accumulated via cast and crew places, we have also begun work on a major original project, establishing a new franchise called The World of Etherealm - in which The Age of the Swords was based - that we hope to turn into something very big and successful. This has involved going back to our original story and rewriting it in preparation to completely re-produce it with state-of-the-art sound effects and an original soundtrack. When complete, it will be our first 100% original production.
What Else Do You Do?
Several times we've tried to do Podcasts... but we've discovered that it just isn't for us. However, you are still welcome to browse our archived shows (lower right hand side of this page), including two Religious-based programs and two Star Wars/Star Trek/Doctor Who-based programs. Aside from that, we also produce original orchestral music (composed by Joe Harrison) which you can hear on the lower right hand side of this page.
Who Is On Your Crew?
The primary sound engineer, writer, and musician is Joe Harrison. Our new Script Editor is Julia Harrison. And we frequently partner with Timothy Harrison (see  Star Wars: The Resurgent Disparity) and Kevin Traynor's Drunken-Fish Entertainment.
What Is Your Greatest Ambition?
To someday have enough time to do either an audio drama based on The Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age franchises. And to dramatize Timothy Zahn's  Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy.
Star Wars: Crusade of the Rebellion (2014 - Present)
Preceded by: Star Wars: Colonel Ledok and the Mission to Qalabar
Episodes Released (to Date): 4
Running Time (to Date): 168 minutes
Production Status: In-Production
Written & Directed by Joe Harrison
Script Edited by Julia Harrison
Featuring the Voice Talents of River Kanoff, Jesse Lowther, Silas Carder, Andrew Gilbertson, Joe Harrison, Christopher Walker,
James Leeper, Kevin Traynor, Timothy Harrison, Eric Olp, Julia Harrison, Cory M. Hylton, Paul Im, Jonathan Bullock, Jalen K. Cassell, Wayne Shearer, Jim Perry, Amy Ferrell, Ashton Howard, Cullen Bentley, Jeff Lincoln, Braden Ebert, Catherine Rinella,
Bruce Pilkenton, Christina Arisa, David J.G. Doyle, Dane Spurrell, Rick R. Miller, Miles Rand, Allen Hamilton
The Alliance to Restore the Republic has won a major victory against the evil Galactic Empire. To the emperor’s dismay, it has decimated his battle station, the Death Star, over the planet Yavin IV. Now he is looking for ways to strike back quickly. He has re-commissioned a former Imperial Shipyard on Cortani III, along with its master architect, a known enemy of the Alliance. Fifteen years ago, Grand Moff Teivel, governor of the Cortanis System, designed one of Emperor Palpatine’s first superweapons: the “Suicide” Destroyer. In a crippling blow to the Alliance, this superweapon obliterated the moon H’rahk and its population of Alliance sympathizers. The emperor has commissioned more of these powerful warships. But the shadows of the Imperial Shipyard hide secrets even from his gaze. Secrets such as conspiracies… and a mysterious ancient power from a lost civilization. Despite their victory, the members of the Alliance know their war with the Empire is not yet over. They have learned of a sinister plot brewing on Cortani III. And they believe the time has come… to take revenge.
Star Wars: Colonel Ledok and the Mission to Qalabar (2008)
Followed by: Star Wars: Crusade of the Rebellion
Preceded by: Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire
Episodes Released: 1
Running Time: 24 minutes
Production Status: Complete
Written & Directed by Joe Harrison
Featuring the Voice Talent of Joe Harrison
Several years after the Battle for H'rahk (Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire), Dalvin Ledok, now a Colonel in the Rebel Alliance, is finding himself in a familiar position as he attempts to bring protection to a world that is under the threat of the Galactic Empire; Qalabar, a Trandoshan planet in the Outer Rim Territories. But the Trandoshans will not come easily, however that is the least of Ledok's problems as he finds himself running into and from bounty hunters, vengeful carnivores, and even the Empire itself.
Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire (2005 - 2007)
Followed by: Star Wars: Colonel Ledok and the Mission to Qalabar
Episodes Released: 5
Running Time: 130 minutes
Production Status: Complete
Written & Directed by Joe Harrison
Featuring the Voice Talents of Joe Harrison, Silas Carder, Rod Barnes, Nathan P. Butler, Bryan Patrick Stoyle, Eric Olp, Mike Lane,
Krista Kolesar, Brooks Child, Shawn Johnston, R. Douglas Barbieri
Shortly after the Jedi Purge and the end of the Clone Wars, Emperor Palpatine begins his invasion of the free worlds of the galaxy, beginning with the small and defenseless H'rahk Sector on the edge of the Expansion Region. An Imperial Invasion Force, headed by Darth Vader himself, begins the invasion, only to find that the Rebellion has arrived ahead of them, prepared to fight and protect the defenseless sector. But the Galactic Empire has many hidden cards up its sleeve. But, then again, so does the Rebellion.
Star Wars: High Stakes (2007 - 2014)
Episodes Released: 5
Running Time: 176 minutes
Production Status: On Hiatus
Written & Directed by Joe Harrison
Featuring the Voice Talents of Jim Perry, Andrew Gilbertson, R. Douglas Barbieri, Steve Fluharty, Miles Reid, Douglas Gonnelly,
Nathan P. Butler, Silas Carder, Robbie Chastain, Christopher Walker, Julia Harrison, Joe Harrison, Eric Olp, Timothy Harrison,
James Wadsworth, Devin Cox, Mike Lane, D.J. "ShockDingo" Dixon, Morgan Garcia (as Morgan Barnhart), Alex David
1,447.7 years before the Battle of Yavin, it is the time of the Darksiders' resurgence as the New Sith Empire rises in opposition against the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic. The Sith have been initiating hit-and-run attacks on the Republic capital world of Coruscant, leaving Republic shipyards and military bases demolished in their wake. The location of their secret base is unknown, and the Jedi have decided to seek out its whereabouts so as to neutralize it and, hopefully, cripple the Sith's military forces. The Jedi have hired starpilots from all over the galaxy to find the hidden base's location. However, the Sith are already aware of this plan and have dispatched a fleet of warships to hunt down and destroy these starpilots before they find the base.
Star Wars: The Resurgent Disparity (2014)
Episodes Released: 3
Running Time: 66 minutes
Production Status: On Hiatus
Written & Directed by Timothy Harrison
Featuring the Voice Talents of Christina Arisa, Phillipa Ballantine, Haile Behr-Guiterrez, Andrew Gilbertson, Joe Harrison, James Lincoln, Simon Meddings, Ryan Nelson, Amy Perkins, Jim Perry, Jen Rhodes, Katherine Skaggs, Jessica Taylor, Kevin Traynor, Felicia Vargus, Christopher Walker, Nathan P. Butler, Timothy Harrison, Lindsay Harrison
The debut audio production of producer and sound engineer Timothy Harrison, "The Resurgent Disparity" follows a student of the dark side of the Force who makes an almost trivial discovery, a divergence in the Universe itself occurs just before the Yuuzhan Vong invade—only one other person knows something isn't right and yet is stunned into near insanity. With a new threat to the New Republic rising from a forgotten and nearly inaccesible sector, old and new heros alike will find it is more than simply the Republic at stake. A forgotten Jedi and an Apprentice nearing her knighthood hold the keys to either the rise of Darkness or new hope for the Light. Twists and turns obscure true villains, and old haunts make the new future uncertain....
The Age of the Swords: The Descent of Shadows (2016)
Production Status: Pre-Production
Written & Directed by Joe Harrison
Music by Joe Harrison
Featuring the Voice Talents of To Be Announced
The Age of the Swords: The Descent of Shadows is an upcoming re-production of an original audioplay released in 2009 (you can listen to a remastered version of the 2009 release here: http://www.lionsmouthent.net/descent/). The story, set in the newly developed World of Etherealm franchise, is being rewritten and expanded from its original version and will include brand new high quality voice recordings, sound engineering, and an original soundtrack composed by Joe Harrison.
The world of Etherealm is in a state of turmoil as a dark lord who has remained in the shadows for many millennia has finally showed himself and declared war on the Free Peoples. Willing to stop at nothing, the evil master seeks the legendary Black Sword, an ancient weapon of insurmountable evil, and has discovered its resting place. A band of champions unite and set out to stop the dark lord before he can get to the evil sword, and perhaps they may be able to use it to defeat him...
The World of Etherealm
The World of Etherealm is an original Fantasy-genre franchise created by Joe Harrison. It first made its debut in 2009 with the premiere of the original version of The Age of the Swords: The Descent of Shadows. Since 2009, the world has undergone some radical changes and progress, and it is our hope to make it something truly engaging and unique with listeners and readers.
Etherealm's timeline is divided between the time of Elder Kingdoms and the time of the New Kingdoms. When the world was born, it was virtually a paradise, ruled by immortal beings — later called "Ancients" — who had incredible powers. These Immortals bestowed a portion of their gifts on a select few Mortals, who would later be called Divinors. Over time, there grew a cult of people who were envious because they did not receive the gifts, and so they sought out unnatural ways to make a counterfeit sorcery. But they soon found this unnatural sorcery brought great consequences with it. These "Heretics" were exiled from the major kingdoms, and one dark night, the exiles engaged in a dark ritual that accidentally tore open a rift in time and space*. Through this tear poured vile creatures beyond anybody's darkest nightmares; goblins, trolls, great spiders, monstrous vermin, winged demons. The beasts claimed to be allied with someone or something called "The Great Shadow" who remained beyond the rift. They spread across Etherealm like plague and plunged the world into chaos. It would take thousands of years before the War began to calm enough that there was some measure of peace for a time. The Enemy had not been completely defeated, but weakened, and herded into isolated territories that they later claimed as their own. So great was the toll of the Immortal Wars (as they were called), that the Elder Kingdoms were beginning to fade from existence, and the time had come for the Immortals to relinquish stewardship of the world to the Mortals. And so began the time of the New Kingdoms.
*A concept that will be explored in The World of Etherealm is the idea that this dark realm from which all the evil creatures came was actually some type of prison planet across the Universe, and that somehow, possibly via a wormhole or something similar, the two worlds became bridged.
The following is a list of podcasts that are either no longer in production or are on hiatus. We've tried doing shows, but we have discovered that it just isn't our forte. However, we are still making the archives available to the public.
Christians In Rome Podcast
Hosted by Joe Harrison
Production Status: On Hiatus
Christians In Rome delves into the situation of American Christianity and the "problems" it's facing, asking the question "Are the problems genuine? Or are we, as Christians, bringing it on ourselves?"
Oblivion Continuum
Hosted by Andrew Gilbertson, Sarah Gilbertson,
and Joe Harrison
Production Status: Cancelled
The Oblivion Continuum podcast was born from two separate podcasts - Spinoff, hosted by Andrew and Sarah Gilbertson, and ToscheCast, hosted by Joe Harrison. The three had collaborated on a special show for the Star Wars Fanworks Fan Audio Awards and decided to continue doing a show together.Oblivion Continuum covers various popular franchises, from Star Wars to Star Trek to Doctor Who and beyond.
(originally Tosche Station eXM)
Hosted by Joe Harrison
Production Status: Cancelled
Joe Harrison's first solo-podcast, featuring reviews of various science fiction franchises, including Star Wars and Star Trek. Halfway through the show's run the format changed to include a mock-studio audience that often reacted humorously to things Harrison would say.
Christianese Radio
Hosted by Joe Harrison
Production Status: Cancelled
Joe Harrison's first religious-based podcast, focusing on exposing false Christian doctrine. It was Lion's Mouth Entertainment's longest running and most popular podcast until it came to an end in 2011.